Build excellent products and create loyal customers

Make informed product decisions by collecting and managing customer feedback with Waitlyst.

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Supercharge your SaaS product by collecting customer feedback.

Consolidate product feedback, whether from your customers or teammates, all in one place. Prioritise the right features and get the right products to market faster.

Boost customer engagement with product updates.
Decrease customer churn by eliminating lost feedback.
Build a better product roadmap with your team.

Engage your customers and understand what they truly want.

Stop relying on gut feelings for product development. Let your customers tell you want they want and release features that will provide the most value for their business.

Increase customer loyalty by delivering on your promises.

Reinforce the trust your customers have in your business by consistently giving them updates on how you’re handling their feedback.

Decrease customer churn by capturing ignored feedback.

Customers who feel like their voices are ignored are more likely to churn, we’ll flag ignored customer feedback so you can swiftly take action before they leave.

Rally your team together and craft a better roadmap.

All your team members can submit and discuss feedback internally, this promotes better team cohesion and keeps everyone focused on the same vision.

Build excellent products and create loyal customers.

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