Grow your SaaS business the right way, by listening to customers.

Track, manage and prioritize feature requests from your customers

Built entirely for SaaS businesses.

Every feature created on Waitlyst is built exclusively for SaaS businesses in mind, each feature is designed to help you focus and improve on important metrics.

Launch new features with happy customers

Decrease the amount of complaints you get when you release new features by only launching feature your customers actually want.

Gain new customers from referrals

Gain new customers with customer referrals by consistently making them feel like their feature requests are being heard.

Prioritize your product roadmap

Prioritize your product roadmap using feedback from your customers to determine what features are worth implementing.

Deliver better customer support with team members

It’s one thing to give your customers a way to share their thoughts, but we’ve also given you a way to interact with your customers. Using a combination of comments, updates & milestones we allow you to keep your customers up to date with your product, every step of the way.

You can also work collaboratively with your team members and no extra cost. All of our plan allows for unlimited team members so you can grow your team without additional expenses.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are less likely to churn, less likely to complain and are less likely to damage your brand. Increase the value of your brand whilst decreasing the workload of your customer support team, by using Waitlyst

Ready to launch features your customers will love?

We’re currently in our beta mode so you can sign up for free. We don’t take any credit card details and you can also cancel your account at any time.

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