Factoring user feedback into your product backlog

Most product teams will be familiar with this story: you add a feature to your product backlog - but by the time you have the opportunity to work on this feature, the situation which led to the need for this feature has likely changed.There is a m...


Jack Alcock

20 Nov 2019

3 minutes read

Customers and Product Managers: Why Customer Feedback Is Essential for B2B Products

Online reviews hold a crucial position in the purchasing decision. Before we buy, we read restaurant reviews on Yelp, movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and product reviews on Amazon—even if we ultimately purchase that product via another website.B...


Jake Wengroff

18 Nov 2019

4 minutes read

How to turn customer feedback into revenue

SaaS companies today can only succeed if they deliver features and updates in line with what their customers are asking for.However, after talking to many product teams, it seems like they perceive customer feedback to be an elusive thing that no one quite knows how to capture, outside of UX research and user testing. Almost all of these compani...


Jack Alcock

15 Nov 2019

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