Product Metrics

Product metrics are important in measuring the success of a product and understanding how customers engage with it. These metrics can help inform a product’s strategy, as well as help stakeholders in a company understand its value. Churn rate and conversion rate are two popular metrics that tell us how interested customers are in a product and can help measure its success.

Product MetricsHow leveraging these 5 product metrics can help you achieve product success
In SaaS, having a hungry appetite for information can poison you if you use the wrong metrics to measure product success. You need to leverage product metrics that are linked to customer success if you want to thrive.

Aaron Kazah

Founder & CEO

Product MetricsDetermining what your North-Star metric is in the early days
If you’ve never heard of the North Star Metric, don’t worry - many other business leaders haven’t either. The good news is if your business is growing, you already have a North Star Metric behind that growth. Now all you need to do is to determine what that metric is.

Jack Alcock


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