Changelog 01: Revamped dashboard and integrations

When you log into Waitlyst, you will now be met with an entirely new dashboard, a revamped analytics that allows you to track your product metrics using pre-built templates, and the ability to send email campaigns to your users.

Here's a quick breakdown of the changes made to Waitlyst

General updates

  • Revamped dashboard
  • Improved global search
  • Faster app speed
  • Email campaigns & simple email statistics
  • Analytics templates for Active Users, Funnels & Signups
  • Removed weekly admin updates
  • Added a widget installation guide within the dashboard at


  • Waitlyst.js feedback widgets can now be triggered by adding a data-waitlyst attribute to any element.
  • Fixed bug with your app's native HTML elements overriding our widget's positioning.


  • Hubspot integration that allows you to connect and sync user information with their corresponding HubSpot profile.
  • Segment: Integration that allows you push user events to Waitlyst
  • Segment: Waitlyst will automatically identify and reconcile users on for your product
  • Various bug fixes to Jira, Github & Slack integration  

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