Changelog 02: Documentation and waitlyst.js

Today we have released our own client-side SDK waitlyst.js, which will enable companies to track any event in their product alongside collecting in-app feedback seamlessly, without additional frameworks or services.

Businesses can track product analytics from any modern front-end framework or on their browser. If you already have a custom analytics solution, we have exposed our API for you to use.

With documentation now available, please see examples and guides on how to integrate with Waitlyst at

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where unidentified users were not shown in your analytics report.
  • Active usage reports now display all users on their dashboard
  • Fixed bug with search showing double user count
  • Fixed bug with sidebar menu breaking on smaller screens
  • Fixed formatting issues in email templates
  • Fixed bug where users are redirected to an incorrect page after setting up an active users report
  • Added slipping-away reports

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