Changelog 08: Polishing season

In the later part of 2022, we dedicated a significant amount of time to addressing various issues such as UI glitches, bugs, and incorporating new animations and keyboard shortcuts. A majority of these improvements were a result of feedback received from our users.

We've now returned back to our regular schedule of weekly updates so here's what's changed since we last did this.

Improvements & Fixes:

  • Surfacing company-level reports in your dashboard
  • Added active-usage report that gives you a list of users or companies who were active on any given day
  • Added activity overview report giving you an bird's eye view of product activity in the last 14 days
  • Surfacing power users, new users and users who are slipping away
  • Surfacing power companies, new companies, and companies that are slipping away
  • Introduced health score & engagement metrics for companies and users
  • All reports now have a the ability to export data via CSV
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from inviting their teammates
  • Fixed a bug with the sidebar not displaying on certain reports
  • Added a templates page on our website to give new and existing users a quick way to implement their growth and retention goals
  • Updated the landing page
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