Collecting in-app customer feedback

Waitlyst.js provides a way for users to provide feedback in the app, which is valuable because it allows customers to tell you if something isn't working right then and there.

When users have a direct channel where they can bring up issues, it becomes easier to get ahead of customer complaints.

1. Install waitlyst.js

The fastest way to track events is with Waitlyst is to use the SDK. You can send as many events as you like, and it takes just a minute to set up.

npm install @indextrus/waitlyst.js --save

Or as a browser based tag:

<script src=""></script>

2. Initialize the widget

To begin collecting feedback, you will need your Publishable Key . This is how Waitlyst identifies your account.

const waitlyst = new Waitlyst("PUBLISHABLE_KEY");

3. Enabling the feedback widget

To enable the feedback widget, add the data-waitlyst attribute to any element on your page.

<button data-waitlyst="feedback">Feedback</button>