Tracking events

Event tracking is an important first step in analyzing the usage of your product and making improvements.

The more events you capture, the more insight you have into how customers are using your product.

This information can be used to make informed product decisions about what features to add or change.

1. Install waitlyst.js

The fastest way to track events is with Waitlyst is to use the SDK. You can send as many events as you like, and it takes just a minute to set up.

npm install @indextrus/waitlyst.js --save

Or as a browser based tag:

<script src=""></script>

2. Tracking events using waitlyst.js

To begin tracking events, you will need your Publishable Key and must have setup analytics on your Waitlyst account.

const waitlyst = new Waitlyst("PUBLISHABLE_KEY");

/* Track a page view */;

/* Track a signup event */

/* Track a signup clicked event with properties */
waitlyst.track('signup', {
    userId: '123'
    date: '2020-01-01',
    source: 'google',
    customerType: 'business',
    plan: 'pro',
    price: 100,

3. View events in your reports

You can view all events in your Waitlyst dashboard. Simply setup a report for the event you want to track.

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