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Collect product feedback, engage customers and make data-driven decisions designed to help make your business successful.

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Capture product feedback from virtually anywhere

Collect customer feedback using beautiful widgets you can embed in your product, or use Waitlyst’s robust APIs to create custom solutions that fit in your current workflow.

Collect in-app feedback

Install our widget onto your site or your custom built form and connect it to our APIs

Feedback pages

A dedicated public feedback page. Let your customers vote on what you will build next.

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Execute relentlessly

Build high impact solutions using feedback from your customers

Adopt a holistic approach to product development and reduce time spent on guesswork, re-working old features, and build features that your customers actually want.

Our suite of features delivers product success by surfacing key customer insights, engaging your customers, and providing you with a centralised place to view all customer feedback.

Improve your core metrics

Boost customer engagement and retention to unparalleled heights

Close the loop of communication with existing customers, increase feature adoption, and engage customers on a personal level with changelog and automated product updates.


Increase feature adoption and engage customers with product updates.

Automated updates

We keep your customers updated every step of the way as you work on projects.

Unified platform

Integrate with the powerful tools and services in your workflow.

Waitlyst will work with and enhance your current workflow, regardless of the applications you use.

Since Waitlyst works with tools you’re already using, you can set it up in minutes.

Strive to build market dominating products

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